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Título: A systematic procedure to enhance reproducibility of SWASV cycles in the determination of toxic metals in real samples
Autor: Silva, Nelson A. F.
Leitão, Ruben A. E.
Matos, Manuel J.
Palavras-chave: Mercury film
Cleaning time
Real samples
Toxic metals
Data: Mai-2009
Editora: Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa
Citação: Silva NA, Leitão RA, Matos MJ. A systematic procedure to enhance reproducibility of SWASV cycles in the determination of toxic metals in real samples. Alicerces. 2009;II(2):27-39.
Resumo: This work presents for the first time a systematic study on the optimization of the electrochemical cleaning time of a mercury film when it is used as a working electrode material in the analysis of toxic metals, such as Pb2+, used as model metal, in real samples by SWASV. The optimization study for the film’s cleaning time aimed at attaining a Pb2+ minimum value in the film after the re-oxidation step of the pre-concentrated metal, given the impossibility of complete removal of traces of the electroactive species from the film. This value was kept constant in each concentration range studied ensuring thus that all assays were performed in initial identical conditions. An assay performed on a synthetic sample was taken as reference. In it, given the absence of matrix effects, and after the electrochemical cleaning step, a direct proportionality was observed between the residual amounts of Pb2+ in the film (which for the cleaning time used was never completely removed) and Pb2+ concentration in the solution. This fact determined a high correlation between Pb2+ peak current and Pb2+ concentration which was not observed when real samples (tree leaves) were analyzed. This behavior may result from the presence of the interfering surfactants always present in real samples of complex matrix. Cleaning time optimization was performed for the following Pb2+ concentration ranges in the real samples of complex matrix: 0.006-0.020, 0.020-0.080, 0.060-0.200 and 0.100-0.600 ppb. As expected, in order to obtain identical levels of film’s cleaning efficiency, the need for longer cleaning times has been observed for higher concentrations. The optimized cleaning times for the concentration ranges under study were 120, 150, 180 e 300 s, respectively.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.21/477
ISSN: 1645-7943
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