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Título: Endothelial lipase correlated positively with EPA/AA ratio in RBCs membrane
Autor: Bispo, Paulo
Rodrigues, Pedro
Lebre, Maria Firmina
Marques, Augusta Maria
Bandarra, Narcisa
Cunha, Gilda
Palavras-chave: Obesity
n-3/n-6 fatty acids
Endothelial lipase
Data: Nov-2013
Citação: Bispo P, Rodrigues P, Lebre MF, Marques AM, Bandarra N, Cunha G. Endothelial lipase correlated positively with EPA/AA ratio in RBCs membrane. In 17º Congresso Português de Obesidade, Porto Palácio Hotel (Porto), 22 a 24 de Novembro de 2013. Poster 06.
Resumo: The fatty acid profile of erythrocyte membranes has been considered a good biomarker for several pathologic situations. Dietary intake, digestion, absorption, metabolism, storage and exchange amongst compartments, greatly influence the fatty acids composition of different cells and tissues. Lipoprotein and hepatic lipases were also involved in fatty acid availability. In the present work we examined the correlations between fatty acid in Red Blood Cells (RBCs) membranes, the fatty acid desaturase and elongase activities, glycaemia, blood lipids, lipoproteins and apoproteins, and the endothelial lipase (EL) mass in plasma. Twenty one individuals were considered in the present study, with age >18 y. RBCs membranes were obtained and analysed for fatty acid composition by gas chromatography. The amount of fatty acids (as percentage) were analysed, and the ratios between fatty acid 16:1/16:0; 18:1/18:0; 18:0/16:0; 22:6 n-3/20:5 n-3 and 20:4 n-6/18:2 n-6 were calculated. Bivariate analysis (rs) and partial correlations were determined. SCD16 estimation activity correlated positively with BMI (rs=0.466, p=0.043) and triacylglycerols (TAG) (rs=0.483, p=0.026), and negatively with the ratio ApoA1/ApoB (rs=-0.566, p=0.007). Endothelial lipase (EL) correlated positively with the EPA/AA ratio in RBCs membranes (rs=0.524, p=0.045). After multi-adjustment for BMI, age, hs-CRP and dietary n3/n6 ratio, the correlations remained significant between EL and EPA/AA ratio. At the best of our knowledge this is the first report that correlated EL with the fatty acid profile of RBCs plasma membranes. The association found here can suggest that the enzyme may be involved in the bioavailability and distribution of n-3/n-6 fatty acids, suggesting a major role for EL in the pathophysiological mechanisms involving biomembranes’ fatty acids, such as in inflammatory response and eicosanoids metabolites pathways.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.21/3094
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