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Título: Synchronization in Von Bertalanffy’s models
Autor: Rocha, José Leonel Linhares da
Aleixo, Sandra Maria
Caneco, Acilina
Palavras-chave: Von Bertalanffy's models
Lyapunov exponents
Data: 2013
Editora: CMSIM, International Journal of Nonlinear Science
Citação: ROCHA, José Leonel; ALEIXO, Sandra Maria; CANECO, Acilina – Synchronization in Von Bertalanffy’s models. Chaotic Modeling and Simulation, (CMSIM) International Journal of Nonlinear Science. ISSN 2241-0503. Nr. 4 (2013), pp. 519-528
Resumo: Many data have been useful to describe the growth of marine mammals, invertebrates and reptiles, seabirds, sea turtles and fishes, using the logistic, the Gom-pertz and von Bertalanffy's growth models. A generalized family of von Bertalanffy's maps, which is proportional to the right hand side of von Bertalanffy's growth equation, is studied and its dynamical approach is proposed. The system complexity is measured using Lyapunov exponents, which depend on two biological parameters: von Bertalanffy's growth rate constant and the asymptotic weight. Applications of synchronization in real world is of current interest. The behavior of birds ocks, schools of fish and other animals is an important phenomenon characterized by synchronized motion of individuals. In this work, we consider networks having in each node a von Bertalanffy's model and we study the synchronization interval of these networks, as a function of those two biological parameters. Numerical simulation are also presented to support our approaches.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.21/5268
ISSN: 2241-0503
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