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dc.description.abstractThe demographics of the early 21st century in Europe point to a notorious ageing of the population of most countries. Consequently, elderly people tend to be considered a social burden for the national healthcare and social security systems and their desire to participate actively in the civic and cultural activities of their countries is ignored. The first response to demographic ageing should therefore be a change in mentalities, which is what the area of gerontology is all about. It was in this context that the European Project CINAGE - European Cinema for Active Ageing was created. It is a transnational project, promoted by Portugal, and partnered by UK, Italy and Slovenia, oriented for the creation of a cinema course for elders and directly supported by filmic tools, within an andragogical self-reflexive approach. The modules of this course will be created on the basis of European cinematic examples and the input of focus groups consisting of experts in andragogy, active ageing, cinema and elders. In the end, twelve short films will be produced by senior members of the CINAGE course. We aim to present the project CINAGE in all its characteristics and thus reveal a way in which cinema can positively contribute to a more active ageing and the maintenance of mental health in later stages of life. It is relevant to consider what films Europe has been lately producing on this subject. We will use some of them to explain and corroborate our point of view and the project itself.por
dc.description.sponsorshipCINAGE - European Cinema for Active Ageing-
dc.publisherEdições Cineclube de Avancapor
dc.subjectActive ageingpor
dc.subjectSenior citizenshippor
dc.subjectCinema course for elderspor
dc.subjectCINAGE Projectpor
dc.titleO cinema como ferramenta andragógica para a terceira idade: o Projeto CINAGEpor
degois.publication.titleAvanca Cinema International Conference 2014por
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