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Título: Implementation of proton therapy in the portuguese context of radiotherapy
Autor: Lança, Cristina
Monsanto, Fátima
Palavras-chave: Radiotherapy
Proton therapy
Data: Jun-2013
Citação: Lança C, Monsanto F. Implementation of proton therapy in the portuguese context of radiotherapy. In 52nd Annual Conference of the Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group, Essen (Germany), 2-8 June 2013. Poster.
Resumo: Cancer is a national and international health care concern. It’s important to find strategies for early diagnosis as well as for the optimization of the various therapeutic options currently existing in Portugal. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Portugal, the choice of this study, is due to the importance of radiotherapy approach in cancer treatment and because is the therapy used in 40% of oncology patients. Radiation therapy has evolve data technological level, that allows new treatment techniques that are more efficient and that also promotes greater professional satisfaction. The hadrons are charged particles, used in cancer therapy. These particles can bring a paradigm shift regarding the therapeutic approach in radiotherapy. The technique used is proton therapy, that reveal to be more accurate, efficacious and less toxic to surrounding tissue. Proton therapy may be a promising development in the field of oncology and how the treatment is given in radiotherapy. Although there is awareness of the benefits of proton therapy in oncology it’s also important to take in consideration the costs of these therapy, because they are considerably higher than conventional treatments of radiotherapy. Given the lack of a proton therapy service in Portugal, this study aims to be a documentary analysis of clinical records that will achieve the following objectives: to identify the number of cancer patients diagnosed in 2010 in Portugal and to calculate the estimated number of patients that could have been treated with proton therapy according to the Health Council of the Netherlands registration document.
Peer review: yes
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