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Título: Chitosan-alginate microparticulate delivery system for an alternative route of administration of BCG vaccine
Autor: Caetano, Liliana Aranha
Amaral, Rita
Figueiredo, Lara
Almeida, António J.
Gonçalves, Lídia M.
Palavras-chave: Pharmacology
Mucosal immunization
Data: Fev-2013
Citação: Caetano LA, Amaral R, Figueiredo L, Almeida AJ, Gonçalves LM. Chitosan-alginate microparticulate delivery system for an alternative route of administration of BCG vaccine. In 3rd Portuguese BioEngineering Meeting, University of Minho (Gualtar Campus), 20th-22nd February, 2013. p. 69-71.
Resumo: Immunisation against M. tuberculosis with current available BCG vaccine lacks efficacy in preventing adult pulmonary tuberculosis. Targeting nasal mucosa is an attractive option for a more effective immunization. The delivery of BCG via the intranasal route involves overcoming barriers such as crossing the physical barrier imposed by the mucus layer and ciliar remotion, cellular uptake and intracellular trafficking by antigen presenting cells. Due to its biodegradable, immunogenic and mucoadhesive properties, chitosan particulate delivery systems can act both as vaccine carrier and adjuvant, improving the elicited immune response. In this study, different combinations of Chitosan/Alginate/TPP microparticles with BCG were produced as vaccine systems. The developed microparticle system successfully modulates BCG surface physicochemical properties and promotes effective intracellular uptake by human macrophage cell lines Preliminary immune responses were evaluated after s.c. and intranasal immunisation of BALB/c mice. BCG vaccination successfully stimulated the segregation of IgG2a and IgG1, where intranasal immunisation with chitosan/alginate particulate system efficiently elicited a more equilibrated cellular/humoral immune response.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.21/2342
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