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Título: New copper(II) tetramer with arylhydrazone of barbituric acid and its catalytic activity in the oxidation of cyclic C-5-C-8 alkanes
Autor: Barman, Tannistha Roy
Guedes da Silva, M. Fatima C.
Mahmudov, Kamran T.
Guseynov, Firuddin I.
Pombeiro, Armando J. L.
Palavras-chave: Arylhydrazone of barbituric acid
Tetrameric copper(II) complex
Peroxidative oxidation of alkanes
X-ray structure
Non-covalent interaction
Data: 2016
Editora: Elsevier
Citação: SUTRADHAR, M.; [et al] - New copper(II) tetramer with arylhydrazone of barbituric acid and its catalytic activity in the oxidation of cyclic C-5-C-8 alkanes. Polyhedron. ISSN 0277-5387. Vol. 117, (2016), pp 666-671.
Resumo: 2-(2-(2,4,6-Trioxotetrahydropyrimidin-5(2H)-ylidene)hydrazinyl)terephthalic acid (H5L) was synthesized by azocoupling of diazonium salts of 2-aminoterephthalic acid with barbituric acid and characterized by IR, 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopies and ESI-MS analysis. In solution and solid state, H5L exists in the hydrazone form. The reaction of H5L with copper(II) nitrate hydrate in methanol affords the tetramer species [Cu2(μ2-1κNOO′:2κO′O″-H3L)2]2 (1) where carboxylate groups bridge two Cu(II) centers in a bridging chelate μ2-(O,O′,O′) fashion, giving rise to a cyclic Cu4O4 core. A rare and intense intermolecular non-covalent interaction of the type Ocarboxylic(lone pair)⋯π(pyrimidine), with O⋯centroid distance of 2.705 Å, was found in 1. In addition, medium intense N H⋯O and O H⋯O contacts expand the structure to a 3D network. Compound 1 behaves as efficient catalyst in the mild oxidation, by aqueous H2O2 in acidic MeCN/H2O media, of different cyclic C5–C8 alkanes to produce the corresponding alcohols and ketones. Overall product yields up to ca. 25% (based on alkane) were achieved.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.21/7096
DOI: 10.1016/j.poly.2016.07.002
ISSN: 0277-5387
Versão do Editor: http://ac.els-cdn.com/S027753871630287X/1-s2.0-S027753871630287X-main.pdf?_tid=ef91cf84-4461-11e7-a8ec-00000aacb360&acdnat=1496057488_54dfd0da014e95e0a9a47ff3ff2257c2
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