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Título: Study of thermochemical treatments of cork in the 150-400ºC range using colour analysis and Ftir spectroscopy
Autor: Sem, Ali
Marques, António Velez
Gominho, Jorge
Pereira, Helena
Palavras-chave: Quercus Cerris
Heat Treatment
Colour Analysis
Saponified cork
Cerris bark
Data: Jul-2012
Editora: Elsevier Science BV
Citação: SEM, A.; MARQUES, A. V.; GOMINHO, J.; PEREIRA, H. – Study of thermochemical treatments of cork in the 150-400ºC range using colour analysis and Ftir spectroscopy. Industrial Crops and Products. ISSN: 0926-6690. Vol. 38 (2012), pp. 132-138
Resumo: A study of chemical transformations of cork during heat treatments was made using colour variation and FTIR analysis. The cork enriched fractions from Quercus cerris bark were subjected to isothermal heating in the temperature range 150–400 ◦C and treatment time from 5 to 90 min. Mass loss ranged from 3% (90 min at 150 ◦C) to 71% (60 min at 350 ◦C). FTIR showed that hemicelluloses were thermally degraded first while suberin remained as the most heat resistant component. The change of CIE-Lab parameters was rapid for low intensity treatments where no significant mass loss occurred (at 150 ◦C L* decreased from the initial 51.5 to 37.3 after 20 min). The decrease in all colour parameters continued with temperature until they remained substantially constant with over 40% mass loss. Modelling of the thermally induced mass loss could be made using colour analysis. This is applicable to monitoring the production of heat expanded insulation agglomerates.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.21/5124
DOI: 10.1016/j.indcrop.2012.01.018
ISSN: 0926-6690
Aparece nas colecções:ISEL - Eng. Quim. Biol. - Artigos

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