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Out-2018Walking for functional lifeTomás, Mª Teresa; Carnero, Elvis; Galán-Mercant, Alejandro; Fernandes, BeatrizconferenceObjectopenAccess
2013Waste marble dust blended cementGrilo, M. J.; Pereira, J.; Costa, CarlaconferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
Nov-2017Waste polyolefins valorization to fuels by catalytic transformation under hydrogen pressureCosta, Cátia S.; Ribeiro, M. Rosário; Silva, João M.conferenceObjectclosedAccess
Fev-2015Water quality in lakes and reservoirs in ChinaLuheng, YanmasterThesisopenAccess
Set-2013Water quality issues in rivers, lakes and reservoirs in Asian countries: an approach to the problems and the methodologiesJing, TianmasterThesisopenAccess
11-Jun-2013Water-Based Cellulose Liquid Crystal System Investigated by Rheo-NMRGeng, Yong; Almeida, Pedro Lúcio Maia Marques de; Feio, Gabriel M.; Figueirinhas, João L.; Godinho, Maria HelenaarticlerestrictedAccess
Mar-2016Water-soluble c-scorpionate complexes – catalytic and biological applicationsMartins, Luísa Margarida D. R. S.; Pombeiro, Armando J. L.articlerestrictedAccess
Mai-2018Waterborne polyurethane/Fe3O4-synthetic talc composites: synthesis, characterization, and magnetic propertiesSantos, Leonardo M. dos; Ligabue, Rosane; Dumas, Ângela; Le Roux, Christophe; Micoud, Pierre; Meunier, Jean-François; Martin, François; Corvo, Marta; Almeida, Pedro L.; Einloft, SandraarticleclosedAccess
Jun-2010Wavelength Selective a-SiC:H p-i-n/p-i-n Heterostructure for Fluorescent Proteins DetectionVieira, Maria Manuela Almeida Carvalho; Louro, Paula; Vieira, Manuel Augusto; Costa, João; Fernandes, Miguel; Fantoni, AlessandroarticlerestrictedAccess
3-Mai-2016Weakly spectrally complete pair of matricesIglésias, Laura; Silva, Fernando C.articleclosedAccess
2012Weaving encounters: towards an art of participationCarvalho, Margarida Ribeiro Ferreira deconferenceObjectopenAccess
Mai-2009Web 2.0 and its impact on knowledge and business organizationsCruz, Manuel Mendes da; Martins, Hélder FanhaarticleopenAccess
Mai-2014A web-based platform for biosignal visualization and annotationLourenço, André Ribeiro; Silva, Hugo Plácido da; Carreiras, Carlos; Alves, Ana Priscila; Fred, Ana Luísa NobrearticleclosedAccess
Mai-2013O webmarketing e o perfil de consumidor online: estudo de caso da Delta QLuzio, CatarinamasterThesisopenAccess
Mar-2017Weekly online quizzes to a mathematics course for engineering studentsMartins, Sandra GaspararticleclosedAccess
Out-2010Wells turbine: fiberglass flangesSantos, André Pedro dosmasterThesisrestrictedAccess
15-Jan-2013Wetting behaviour of femtosecond laser textured Ti-6Al-4V surfacesCunha, Alexandre; Serro, Ana Paula; Oliveira, V.; Almeida, Amélia; Vilar, Rui; Durrieu, Marie-ChristinearticlerestrictedAccess
15-Mai-2010Wetting response of KrF laser ablated polyimide surfacesOliveira, V.; Nunes, B.; Vilar, RuiarticlerestrictedAccess
Jun-2012What do we know about the α/β for prostate cancer?Oliveira, S. M.; Teixeira, Nuno; Fernandes, LisetearticleopenAccess
Abr-2011What drives corporate default risk premia? Evidence from the CDS marketDíaz, A.; Groba, J.; Serrano, P.conferenceObjectopenAccess