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2014Accessing indoor fungal contamination using conventional and molecular methods in Portuguese poultriesViegas, Carla; Malta-Vacas, Joana; Sabino, Raquel; Viegas, Susana; Veríssimo, CristinaarticlerestrictedAccess
Out-2015Accessing occupational exposure to fungi in a cork industryViegas, Carla; Clérigo, Anália; Faria, Tiago; Sabino, Raquel; Gomes, Anita Quintal; Viegas, SusanaconferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
Abr-2016Aflatoxin B1 can also be an occupational risk factor! How biomonitoring helped to evidence thisViegas, Susana; Almeida, Ana; Veiga, Luísa; Viegas, CarlaconferenceObjectopenAccess
2012Air contaminants in animal production: the poultry caseViegas, Carla; Viegas, Susana; Monteiro, Ana; Carolino, Elisabete; Sabino, Raquel; Veríssimo, C.bookPartrestrictedAccess
2011Air fungal contamination in ten hospitals’ food units from LisbonViegas, Carla; Ramos, C.; Almeida-Silva, Marina; Sabino, Raquel; Veríssimo, Carlos; Rosado, LaurabookPartrestrictedAccess
2010Air fungal contamination in two elementary schools in Lisbon, PortugalViegas, Carla; Veríssimo, C.; Rosado, Laura; Santos, Carlos SilvabookPartrestrictedAccess
Fev-2018Analysis of Aspergillus spp. burden by culture based-methods and molecular methods in different occupational environments: what needs to be done?Gomes, Anita Quintal; Faria, Tiago; Caetano, Liliana Aranha; Sabino, Raquel; Viegas, CarlaconferenceObjectopenAccess
Mar-2017Analysis of fungal burden by conventional and molecular methods in different settings and matrices: implications for public and occupational healthGomes, Anita Quintal; Faria, Tiago; Caetano, Liliana Aranha; Carolino, Elisabete; Viegas, Susana; Viegas, CarlaconferenceObjectopenAccess
2016Analysis of surfaces for characterization of fungal burden: does it matter?Viegas, Carla; Faria, Tiago; Meneses, Márcia; Carolino, Elisabete; Viegas, Susana; Gomes, Anita Quintal; Sabino, RaquelarticleopenAccess
Nov-2018Antifungal-resistant mucorales in different indoor environmentsCaetano, Liliana Aranha; Faria, Tiago; Springer, Jan; Loeffler, Juergen; Viegas, CarlaarticleopenAccess
Ago-2011Are air-borne mycotoxins a public health concern in Portugal?Viegas, Carla; Viegas, Susana; Sabino, Raquel; Casimiro, E.; Veríssimo, C.conferenceObjectopenAccess
Jul-2014Aspergillus flavus contamination in two Portuguese wastewater treatment plantsViegas, Carla; Dias, R.; Gomes, Anita Q.; Meneses, Márcia; Sabino, Raquel; Viegas, SusanaarticlerestrictedAccess
2014Aspergillus genera fungal contamination in a Portuguese composting plantViegas, Carla; Sabino, RaquelarticleopenAccess
Mar-2016Aspergillus nosocomial infections: do cryptic species found in hospital environment matter?Sabino, Raquel; Viegas, Carla; Veríssimo, Carla; Francisco, M.; Martins, C.; Clemons, K. V.; Stevens, D. A.conferenceObjectopenAccess
Jul-2018Aspergillus prevalence in air conditioning filters from vehicles: taxis for patient transportation, forklifts, and personal vehiclesViegas, Carla; Moreira, Ricardo; Faria, Tiago; Caetano, Liliana Aranha; Carolino, Elisabete; Gomes, Anita Quintal; Viegas, SusanaarticlerestrictedAccess
Out-2017Aspergillus section Fumigati – Epidemiological trends: a perspective from a National Reference LaboratorySabino, Raquel; Simões, H.; Francisco, M.; Viegas, Carla; Toscano, C.; Batista, J.; Ferreira, T.; Veríssimo, CarlaconferenceObjectopenAccess
Fev-2018Aspergillus spp. prevalence and azole-resistance surveillance on waste sorting industryViegas, Carla; Faria, Tiago; Caetano, Liliana Aranha; Gomes, Anita QuintalconferenceObjectopenAccess
Out-2017Aspergillus spp. prevalence in different Portuguese occupational environments: what is the real scenario in high load settings?Viegas, Carla; Faria, Tiago; Caetano, Liliana Aranha; Carolino, Elisabete; Gomes, Anita Quintal; Viegas, SusanaarticlerestrictedAccess
Set-2015Assessment of exposure to the Penicillium glabrum complex in cork industry using complementing methodsViegas, Carla; Sabino, Raquel; Botelho, Daniel; Santos, Mateus dos; Gomes, Anita QuintalarticleopenAccess
2011Assessment of fungal contamination in a group of Lisbon's gymnasiums with a swimming poolViegas, Carla; Alves, Célia; Carolino, Elisabete; Pinheiro, Catarina; Rosado, Laura; Santos, Carlos SilvaarticleopenAccess