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Jul-2017Antiacetylcholinesterase activity and docking studies with chlorogenic acid, cynarin and arzanol from Helichrysum stoechas (Asteraceae)Silva, Letícia; Rodrigues, Ana Margarida; Ciriani, Marina; Falé, Pedro Luís Vieira; Teixeira, Vitor; Madeira, Paulo; Machuqueiro, Miguel; Pacheco, Rita; Florêncio, Maria Helena; Ascensão, Lia; Serralheiro, Maria Luísa MarquesarticleclosedAccess
28-Jun-2018Bioactivities of decoctions from Plectranthus species related to their traditional use on the treatment of digestive problems and alcohol intoxicationBrito, Elsa; Gomes, Emma; Falé, Pedro L.; Borges, Carlos; Pacheco, Rita; Teixeira, Vítor; Machuqueiro, Miguel; Ascensão, Lia; Serralheiro, Maria Luísa M.articleclosedAccess
Mar-2018Cork processing wastewaters components fractioned by ultrafiltration membranes–studies of antioxidant and antitumoral activityGomes, Luís; Borges, Carlos; Serralheiro, M. Luísa M.; Minhalma, Miguel; Pacheco, RitaarticleclosedAccess
Dez-2017Cynara scolymus L. A promising Mediterranean extract for topical anti-aging preventionMarques, P.; Marto, J.; Gonçalves, L.M.; Pacheco, Rita; Fitas, M.; Pinto, P.; Serralheiro, M.L.M.; Ribeiro, H.articleclosedAccess
2016Inhibition of HMG-CoA reductase activity and cholesterol permeation through Caco-2 cells by caffeoylquinic acids from Vernonia condensata leavesArantes, Ana A.; Fale, Pedro L.; Costa, Larissa C. B.; Pacheco, Rita; Ascensão, Lia; Serralheiro, Maria LuísaarticleclosedAccess
Fev-2012Investigation of structural effects and behaviour of pseudomonas aeruginosa amidase encapsulated in reserved micellesFragosa, Ana; Pacheco, Rita; Karmali, AminarticleclosedAccess
Nov-2017Isorhamnetin derivatives and piscidic acid for hypercholesterolemia: cholesterol permeability, HMG-CoA reductase inhibition, and docking studiesRessaissi, Asma; Attia, Nebil; Falé, Pedro Luís; Pacheco, Rita; Victor, Bruno L.; Machuqueiro, Miguel; Serralheiro, Maria Luísa M.articleclosedAccess
Ago-2017Optimized Production of Hydroxamic Acid Derivatives with Antioxidant and Anticholinergic Potential by Immobilized Pseudomonas aeruginosa CellsBernardo, Marisa; Reis, Telma; Minhalma, Miguel; Karmali, Amin; Serralheiro, Maria Luísa; Pacheco, RitaarticleclosedAccess
Out-2018Phenolic compounds from Actinidia deliciosa leaves: Caco-2 permeability, enzyme inhibitory activity and cell protein profile studiesHenriques, Joana; Falé, Pedro Luís; Pacheco, Rita; Florêncio, Maria Helena; Serralheiro, Maria LuísaarticleopenAccess
Set-2018Proactive response to tackle the threat of emerging drugs: Synthesis and toxicity evaluation of new cathinonesGaspar, Helena; Bronze, Soraia; Oliveira, Catarina; Victor, Bruno L.; Machuqueiro, Miguel; Pacheco, Rita; Caldeira, Maria João; Santos, SusanaarticleclosedAccess
Set-2013Production of hydroxamic acids by immobilized Pseudomonas aeruginosa cells Kinetic analysis in reverse micellesBernardo, Marisa; Pacheco, Rita; Serralheiro, Maria Luísa M.; Karmali, AminarticlerestrictedAccess
Jul-2011Pseudomonas aeruginosa amidase: Aggregation in recombinant Escherichia coliBorges, Patrícia; Pacheco, Rita; Karmali, AminarticlerestrictedAccess
2017Study of antioxidant and antitumoral activity of cork processing wastewaters components fractionated by ultrafiltration membranesGomes, Luís; Borges, C.; Serralheiro, M.L.M.; Pacheco, Rita; Minhalma, MiguelconferenceObjectopenAccess
2009Substrate interaction with recombinant amidase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa during biocatalysisPacheco, Rita; Karmali, Amin; Serralheiro, Maria Luísa M.; Haris, Parvez I.articlerestrictedAccess
Ago-2017Valorization of kiwifruit production leaves of the pruning branches of Actinidia deliciosa as a promising source of polyphenolsHenriques, Joana; Ribeiro, Maria João; Fale, Pedro L; Pacheco, Rita; Ascenso, Lia; Florencio, Maria Helena; Serralheiro, M. L. M.articleclosedAccess