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Título: Cultural organizations and communication in portuguese decentralization policy
Autor: Centeno, Maria João Anastácio
Palavras-chave: Culture
Data: Set-2012
Editora: European Sociological Association
Citação: CENTENO, Maria João - Cultural organizations and communication in portuguese decentralization policy. In INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: Culture, communication and creativity, Berlin, Technische Universität, Research Network “Sociology of Culture”), 2012 (5 a 7 de setembro)
Resumo: This presentation intends to show to what extent the Portuguese municipalities’ commitment, from the first decade of this century, in cultural facilities of municipal management and which has provided 12 of the 18 district capitals of mainland Portugal with equipment, resulted in a regular, diverse and innovative schedule. Investing in urban regeneration, local government has tried to convert cities’ demographic changes (strengthening of the most educated and professionally qualified groups) in effective cultural demands that consolidate the three axes of development competitiveness-innovation-creativity. What the empirical study to the programming and communication proposals of those equipment shows is that it is not enough to provide cities with facilities; to escape to a utilitarian conception of culture, there is a whole work to be done so that such equipment be experienced and felt as new public sphere. Equipment in which proposals go through a fluid bind, constructed through space and discourse with local community, devotes a diversified and innovative bet full filling development axis. This paper presents in a systematic way what contributes to this binding on the analyzed equipment.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.21/3985
Versão do Editor: http://www.europeansociology.org/research-networks/rn7-sociology-of-culture/79-rn7-past-conferences.html
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