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22-Dez-2016The IOPT-Flow framework pairing Petri nets and data-flows for embedded controller developmentPereira, Fernando; Gomes, LuísconferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
2015Simulation of offshore wind system with three-level converters: HVDC power transmission in cloud scopeSeixas, Mafalda Maria Morais; Melício, Rui; Mendes, Víctor Manuel Fernandes; Collares-Pereira, Manuel; Santos, M. P. dosconferenceObjectclosedAccess
2015Optimal generation scheduling of wind-CSP systems in day-ahead electricity marketsPousinho, Hugo Miguel Inácio; Freire, P.; Esteves, João; Mendes, Víctor Manuel Fernandes; Cabrita, Carlos Pereira; Collares-Pereira, ManuelconferenceObjectclosedAccess
2015Simulation of a-Si PV system linked to the grid by DC boost and three-level inverter under cloud scopeFialho, Luís; Melício, Rui; Mendes, Víctor Manuel Fernandes; Collares-Pereira, ManuelconferenceObjectclosedAccess
2015High-level Petri nets modules for embedded controllers designRibeiro, José; Melício, Fernando; Gomes, LuisconferenceObjectclosedAccess
16-Jun-2015Distributed controllers modeling through Petri nets with multi-asynchronous-channelsMoutinho, Filipe; Ribeiro, José; Gomes, LuísconferenceObjectclosedAccess
2015Matrix converter as unified power flow controller: design and implementation of decoupled direct power controllersMonteiro, Joaquim; Silva, José Fernando; Pinto, SóniaconferenceObjectclosedAccess
28-Set-2015Remote operation of embedded controllers designed using IOPT Petri-netsPereira, Fernando; Melo, Arildo; Gomes, LuisconferenceObjectclosedAccess
2015Reversible current power supply for fast-field cycling nuclear magnetic resonance equipmentLima, Marco; Sousa, Duarte M.; Roque, António; Margato, ElmanoconferenceObjectclosedAccess
2015A PV panel simulator based on a two quadrant DC/DC power converter with a sliding mode controllerCordeiro, Armando; Foito, Daniel; Pires, Vítor FernãoconferenceObjectclosedAccess
Out-201525 kV bipolar solid-state Marx generator for industrial food applicationsRedondo, Luís Manuel dos Santos; Pereira, Marcos TeotónioarticleclosedAccess
24-Jun-2015Optimal brake specific fuel consumption trajectory for stand-alone variable speed Diesel Gen-SetLuís, Ricardo Jorge Ferreira; Quadrado, José Carlos Lourenço; Silva, José FernandoconferenceObjectclosedAccess
2015On performance of distributed model predictive control in power system frequency regulationMonteiro, Luís M.; Igreja, José Manuel Prista do Valle CardosoconferenceObjectclosedAccess
2015Error control on spectral data of four-wave mixing based on a-SiC technologyVieira, Manuel Augusto; Vieira, Maria Manuela Almeida Carvalho; Silva, Vítor; Louro, Paula; Barata, ManuelconferenceObjectclosedAccess
12-Fev-2015Naturally occurring radioactive materials: a method for assessing the risk of exposureEstevez, J. G.; Nunes, Fernando OliveiraconferenceObjectclosedAccess
2012Pulsed electric field pre-treatment for apple juice extraction: Evaluation of monopolar and bipolar pulses effectsBrito, Paula S.; Canacsinh, Hiren; Mendes, João; Redondo, Luís Manuel dos Santos; Pereira, Marcos Teotónioarticle; conferenceObjectclosedAccess
2012Price forecasting in the day-ahead Iberian electricity market using a conjectural variations Arima modelLagarto, João Hermínio Ninitas; Sousa, Jorge Alberto Mendes de; Martins, Álvaro; Ferrão, Pauloarticle; conferenceObjectclosedAccess
2012Is the electric vehicle a solution for the wind power integration in the portuguese power system?Carvalho, Ezequiel; Sousa, Jorge Alberto Mendes de; Neves, Mário Ventim; Faias, Sérgio Miguel Redondoarticle; conferenceObjectclosedAccess
2012How market power affects the behaviour of a pumped storage hydro unit in the day-ahead electricity market?Teixeira, Fábio; Sousa, Jorge Alberto Mendes de; Faias, Sérgio Miguel Redondoarticle; conferenceObjectclosedAccess
2012Electromagnetic transientes study due to lightning strikes on two interconnected wind turbinesRodrigues, Rafael Baptista; Mendes, Víctor Manuel Fernandes; Catalão, João Paulo da Silvaarticle; conferenceObjectclosedAccess
Items da Coleção (Ordenados por Data de depósito em ordem descendente): 1 até 20 de 51