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Ago-2017Catalytic Performance of Fe(II)-Scorpionate Complexes towards Cyclohexane Oxidation in Organic, Ionic Liquid and/or Supercritical CO2 Media: A Comparative StudyRibeiro, Ana P. C.; Martins, Luísa M. D. R. S.; Alegria, Elisabete C. B. A.; Matias, Inês A. S.; Duarte, Tiago A. G.; Pombeiro, Armando J. L.articleclosedAccess
Jun-2016Metal Azolate/Carboxylate Frameworks as Catalysts in Oxidative and C-C Coupling ReactionsTabacaru, Aurel; Xhaferaj, Nertil; Martins, Luisa M. D. R. S.; Alegria, Elisabete C. B. A.; Chay, Rogerio S.; Giacobbe, Carlotta; Domasevitch, Konstantin V.; Pombeiro, Armando J. L.; Galli, Simona; Pettinari, ClaudioarticleclosedAccess
Out-2017Microwave-assisted peroxidative oxidation of toluene and 1-phenylethanol with monomeric keto and polymeric enol aroylhydrazone Cu(II) complexesSutradhar, Manas; Alegria, Elisabete C. B. A.; Barman, Tannistha Roy; Scorcelletti, Francesco; Guedes da Silva, M.; Fatima, C.; Pombeiro, Armando J. L.articleclosedAccess
Nov-2016Mono-alkylation of cyanoimide at a molybdenum(IV) diphosphinic center by alkyl halides: synthesis, cathodically induced isomerization and theoretical studiesAlegria, Elisabete C. B. A.; da Silva M. Fatima, Guedes; Kuznetsov, Maxim L.; Martins, Luisa M. D. R. S.; Pombeiro, Armando J. L.articleclosedAccess
Abr-2017A new member of Cu-8(II) family: Synthesis, structure and magnetic properties of an octanuclear copper complex with N-tert-butyldiethanolamineNesterov, Dmytro S.; Alegria, Elisabete C. B. A.; Jezierska, JuliaarticleclosedAccess